Tanner Mays Tell All Interview: Abuse at JM Productions, Owner Jeff Steward aka Mike Norton Also Owns Uber Stalker Site XPT Where I was Threatened

Here is the link to this interview from JulieMeadowsEnt at YouTube.com. There are 6 parts.  Tanner talks about the abuse and illegal achohol she was given (she’s only 20 years old) while on set at JM Productions. These are the depraved, women hating men who own and moderate the stalker site XPT that has harbored cyberstalkers like Mike Stack, Sean Tompkins and Michael Whiteacre!!

jeffstewardakamikenortonJeff Steward aka Mike Norton has a baby daughter. This man sitting next to that innocent little baby is responsible for what Tanner is talking about in this video. I shot 5 times for his companies. They are pigs. And after shooting for them 5 times, they have stalked me for 4 years with the personal information given to them on the employment and 2257 paperwork. Should he have custody of this baby or be allowed alone with her??

You have to ask yourself why America is letting this continue after ALL THE EVIDENCE we have sent to them. Everything in this blog has been sent repeatedly to President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, FBI Director Robert Muller, several democratic and republican senators, congressmen and state representatives. We have also sent all of this information to several media companies, Oprah Winfrey, Howard Stern, Maury Povich and any other major celebrities and news journalists we could think of. TO DATE, NO ONE IN AMERICA HAS RESPONDED!! What do you think of that fact??

In the meantime, Tanner has come back to Porn Valley as many other girls are doing since they can’t get work in the real world. Read what she has to say about her past in porn and what she’s doing now HERE.


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