Ashton Kutcher Sells Out Sex Trafficking Victims for New TV Role

Okay, I just had to post this. I don’t even watch Letterman. I was actually getting ready for bed and turned the TV on because I like to fall asleep with it on.

If you go to the 9:40 minute spot, you will hear Letterman ask Ashton if he can ask a couple of theoretical questions. He then asks him, “Which is your preference (referring to his filling Charlie Sheen’s shoes on Two and a Half Men), Strippers or Pornstars?”. 

Here’s where Ashton shows his true feelings. He replies, “I have a foundation that fights Human Trafficking . . and neither of those qualify as Human Trafficking. haha”. Considering escorting, also  known as prostitution, is illegal in most states in America and is the NUMBER 1 place sex trafficking victims end up, how could Ashton possibly say such a thing?? I was like “WHAT??”.

His organization, “The DNA Foundation”, is supposed to be fund raising to help girls who are taken from their families and prostituted. It happens everyday in America. Escorting is prostitution and it, porn and stripping are all cesspools full of pimps and predators who exploit the girls who work there. It’s inherent to the sex industries which is full of criminals and bottom feeders. You’ve all seen firsthand how these industries deal with the people who go against them. By supporting porn, escorting and stripping, how can Ashton possibly continue to be a managing director of The DNA Foundation??

Strip clubs around the world are famous for hiring underage sex trafficking victims to work and  pimp out. Many women in the sex industries were lured and groomed into prostitution at very early ages which changes the way sex is even perceived as they grow up. Pimps will groom a potential victim for years knowing the hundreds of thousands of dollars they can make on JUST 1 VICTIM is worth the wait. They are always on the prowl for a victim so they work many girls at the same time.

Ashton, you sold out every single sex trafficking victim and you should step down. You don’t have the balls to really stand up for what you are taking hard earned dollars for just because it’s your Hollywood buds. You just told victims that are pimped and prostituted by the porn industry and strip clubs that they are not really victims. Definitely a sell out to Hollywood!! 

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