Going Along Minding My Own Business and Now I’m Stalked by Cindi Loftus at LB

Okay, a little history lesson here. Cindi bought LB from Luke Ford some years ago. She’s definitely involved with the dark side of Porn Valley and is a judge for the AVN awards which tells you alot. Anyway, she has blasted me over time for outing the porn industry and in particular when I posted the addresses of all the porn houses and companies in Los Angeles that I had been to.

We are adversaries to say the least and have had public words on her site. Never, never has she ever stalked or said things outright false just to smear me though she lets others post defaming statements about me and leaves them up. She may have disagreed and said she hated me. That’s okay. But to spread false statements to try to harm my reputation is defamation and libel and goes too far legally.

Friends and followers, you are witness to alot of horrific issues when you read my blog. This is just a small example of how the porn industry will harass and stalk you when you’re just living life. This started as Cindi accuses me of not giving her credit for articles I repost from her site. You can all look through the 4 years of blogging to see that I do. This is defaming and libelous statement #1.

I don’t provide hyperlinks to any site with porn, nudity or sexually explicit material as I have many ex-porn addicts and religious followers who are offended by that material. Porn addicts have asked that I keep sexually suggestive images to a minimum so that they can come here daily for reminders of why they need to stay away from porn. I have promised the readers of PornInTheValley.com that no porn links or material would be accessible so easily from any of my sites. I always put the writer or contributor or website I repost articles from. If you feel the desire to know more, you’re always welcome to cut and paste or google the author.

Most ridiculous about this whole thing is the fact that Cindi, herself, never really writes. She gives little paragraphs with her opinion here and there so she is bitching about me copying articles that someone else wrote in many cases!!

From that, she has continued to make an issue after explaining this to her. You’ll also see where she defames me by inferring I’m an escort. Be my witness to a stalking in the makings. 4 years and counting . . .  the harrassment and stalking continues!!

She wants my traffick. Don’t give her the satisfaction by looking there. If you’d like to tell Cindi what you think of her unethical journalistic (term used loosely here lol) behavior , email her at notluke@lukeisback.com and tell her “Stop harassing Diana, she has your name as the source on her blog. Can’t you read??”   Read the following twitters and check out my entries. You be the judge!!

This first screenshot shows the original message at the right side in large font. I was told about this comment. I didn’t know about it until then. My twitter account is set so only people I follow can post to my account. It didn’t show up until I responded. “How Dare” was hilarious to say the least. I was like WTF is this about!!

I explained I posted her as the source but no hyperlink:

She has taken articles from my site and hasn’t credited me as the source. She vowed my work would never be posted there again. I could care less if she does. I guess maybe Cindi’s traffick is hurting since she joined up with stalkers. She’s obviously desperate to come after me and my followers. Umm . . you say I have no readers yet you’re adamant about me sending those non-existent people to you. . . HMMMMMM!! Idiot!!

AND (drumroll please) . . . the money shot

Okay, she keeps going long after I replied and here’s another money shot where she calls us hookers and lies about us trying to pass her work off as our own. As I said before, she doesn’t even write more than little opinions, 2-3 sentences at most. My evidence is in my blog. She cannot say the same about hers!!

Now she’s obviously thought about her ignorance in this move and is backtracking trying to act like I started this and she’s blocking me to get me to stop bothering her lol. Sorry Idiot Cindi, Twitter screenshots capture it all and THE WHOLE WORLD can see you started this shit. Grow up!!

AND CINDI, THEY COME TO MY SITE TO HEAR THE TRUTH AND SEE THE LIGHT!! That is why readers come to PornInTheValley.com. Because they want to know the truth about porn and I’m showing them!!

Cindi is blocked from further access to twitter. I don’t have time for this. I have businesses to build (See FoxxyTales.com for the latest)!! (She blocked me after I blocked her lol. Oh I’m so upset hahahaha!!)


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