OVERSEAS: Pornstars Trafficked to Dubai to “Date” Their Elite – International Sex Trafficking


Came across this photo and just had to share it here. Girls ARE being sent around the world to prostitute themselves. The agents and producers in the porn industry are behind these trips and are really just pimps who hide behind the legality of porn. This girl is Jordan Kingsley and the forum I found this photo on has details about her and several other pornstars who were recently sent to Dubai to prostitute. Tanner Mayes is another who went along. You can see her interview about some of her experiences in Porn Valley HERE .

Our country continues to let the porn industry pass these girls around the world like commodities. They are being put into dangerous situations everyday just to survive. Sex Trafficking is happening right here in America and American girls are being sent around the world. How can we truly call ourselves Americans and let our girls be sold like pieces of meat??


Above: Jordan Kingsley, a known Escort, posing with a man in Dubai.

Below: Jordan’s photo from one of her escorting profiles at ClubIllWill
Another of Jordan’s escorting profiles at Escort-Girls.TV

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