Winners of the 2010 Norma Hotaling Anti-Trafficking Awards

Laura Lederer-
Michael Cory Davis-
Press Release

December16, 2010

WASHINGTON DC­Global Centurion is proud to announce the winners of the first annual Norma Hotaling Awards. These awards were created to honor Norma Hotaling’s two decades of work to abolish sex trafficking. Norma was a leader and a beacon for hope for many people. She was trafficked into prostitution as a child, but survived to become an inspiration to for those working to stop sex trafficking. To commemorate the anniversary of her passing on December 17, 2008, Global Centurion offers three awards to pay tribute to her legacy and to recognize individuals carrying on her work. This year, $5,000 each is being awarded to three individuals for their work in three areas: Survivor-Centered Service Provider Award, Innovative Demand Reduction Award, and the Josephine Butler Award for Abolitionist Policy Development. The three awardees are:

Vednita Carter, founder and president of “Breaking Free” and a survivor of sex trafficking, won the Survivor-Centered Service Provider Award. Vednita has built a series of programs providing support services, including emergency services such as food, clothing, shelter, medical assistance, legal assistance to victims of trafficking.  Her pioneering work facilitating rescue and rehabilitation for hundreds of survivors is a model for survivor-centered service provision.

Rachel Durchslag, President of CAASE, won the award for Innovative Demand Reduction. Her organization, Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation is working to eradicate the demand side of human trafficking in Chicago. A key project is a prevention education curriculum for young boys and girls to prevent them from becoming part of the sex industry. In addition, she has worked to educate the general public as to how demand creates and fuels sex trafficking.

Dr. Donna Hughes, professor of Women’s Studies at the University of Rhode Island, won the Josephine Butler Award for her work developing new policy to combat human trafficking. Her fight to link prostitution and sex trafficking and to make prostitution illegal in Rhode Island, as it is in almost every other state, has closed legal loopholes in Rhode Island that attracted johns and traffickers to the state.

Applications for the 2011 Norma Hotaling Awards are available on line at  

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