Is Derek Hay Being Investigated By The Los Angeles Times??


According to news from a new adult forum, LA Direct Models owner Derek Hay is being investigated by Los Angeles Times reporter, Andrew Blankstein. Blankstein covers crime for the paper and wrote extensively about the Steve Driver murder/suicide last summer.

Rumors have encircled LA Direct Models for at least five years. Although there have been stories that the agency was raided by the FBI, I’ve seen no real evidence of that occurring. However, the latest list of accusations against Derek Hay and LA Direct Models is simply disturbing:

  • running a national and international prostitution ring
  • a human trafficking ring
  • theft from employees
  • blackmail
  • illegal misrepresentations of having attorney status
  • drug trafficking
  • forgery of passports
  • mortgage fraud
  • money laundering
  • forcing girls to perform sexual favors/scenes
  • illicit drug use
  • over-extending his visa
  • providing alcohol to minors

And supposedly there are even more accusations in the works. There is also talk of having the LA Times team with a TV crew in order to perform a more in depth investigation.

Could this spell the end of LA Direct Models for once and for all?

Update – 10/31/10 – someone claims that the man in the video below ‘drives Derek’s girls around the Northern UK’. His name is Adam Blake and runs adult sites such as

Another person posted a huge allegation regarding Derek Hay’s ownership of escort and porn star sites. It shows that the LA Direct New Blog, The Luxury Companion, and The Lee Network are hosted on the same server. To see domains owned or co-owned by Derek Hay and linked to illegal prostitution, check out Derek Hay’s Illegal Prostitution Domains!

XXX Film Jobs Blog received a phone call that allegedly revealed the truth behind the LA Direct Models new talent registration process:

He owns a site called which you can see has tons of LA Direct Models Girls on it and they have been bareback escorting or hooking as you would call it for big bucks for a while. Like I said this HIV break out is a lot bigger than AIM or the porn industry is going to tell you. If you noticed a lot of girls twitters has disappeared and so have they.

The site was a secret till I just blew its cover. If you click on one of the models pages you will see the title tags at the top of the pages stay the same so google doesnt pick the models up in the search engines. Did i just say that, Oops Derek YOU FAILED.

What’s even more interesting is the way it works. A woman comes into LA Direct Models office and after signing one of his illegal 2 year contracts they are told they will have to pay 20% commission for the first month to Derek and then 15% after that. Doesn’t the law say a agent cant take more than 10% WTF?

Then Derek tells them they need to call Karen aka Adonia to signup to to do private bareback sessions for wealthy clients for big bucks but Derek will get 20% of what they do there as well, when in fact he owns it. By the way the girls work for 400 dollars a hour on average but sometimes get thousands.

Then after they signup they get another 20% or more taken from and Derek claims he has nothing to do with any of it. WOW JUST WOW. Derek ends up getting 40% of what the girls making bareback hooking! No wonder he drives a Bentley.

Even the posters at The Erotic Review have jumped into the fray with their opinions is co-owned by LA Direct.

Funny. If anyone wants to see a screen shot of it before they realized their f**k up and cover up with a private registration, please drop me a note.

Yes people, LA Direct Inc is now a partner in an escort agency, which seems like a bit of a conflict of interest and bugs me. But not surprising at all given their pimp hand tactics with their porn agency and some of their girls (ie: power of attorney and exclusivity clause, various bully tactics that fill Derek Hay’s pockets with the cars and homes he owns and makes many of them rent, dating girls on his roster and playing favorites with them, fucking with girls that don’t play the game with him, hooking up Photogirls with girls, the 5% kickbacks from Michelle Braun). A few girls that have been with their agency in the past have cried on my shoulder about the dude that owns it. I’m sure a few girls formerly with him and now with other agencies would gladly chime in on this topic. Just my 2 cents on the subject.


LA Times Contact Form

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