AHF: 10 Days and Counting on Adult Film HIV Case

Deadline for Industry’s AIM Clinic to Provide Information on Suspected HIV Infection to Los Angeles County Public Health Officials Passed on Saturday with No Public Word from AIM or County Officials


By: AIDS Healthcare Foundation – Los Angeles, CA – October 19, 2010

Following the widely reported news last week that an adult film performer has tested positive for HIV (the third such incident in Los Angeles County since 2004), officials from AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) are expressing concern today that it appears that the Adult Industry Medical (AIM) Healthcare Foundation Clinic, the industry-backed clinic that first tested and identified the performer, may have missed its legal deadline to report the suspected HIV infection to officials at Los Angeles County’s Department of Public Health. County public health officials indicated late last week that Saturday, October 16th appeared to be the official legal deadline for officials from AIM to report its testing and follow up results to County public health officials concerning the suspected HIV case found in a performer working in the region’s $13 billion adult film industry. On Monday, several calls to LA County officials to determine if AIM had supplied the County with the legally required information on the case went unreturned.

“Ten days and counting and we still have no public word from AIM or from Los Angeles County’s Public Health Department on this latest suspected case of HIV found in a performer who has been reported to be actively working in the adult film industry over the past several months,” said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “Meanwhile, in the vacuum of any concrete information from the clinic or the County, the incident is garnering growing international media attention and has created untold anxiety for scores of adult performers working in the industry who want information and answers. If this was a manhunt for a dangerous criminal or an Amber Alert for a lost or kidnapped child, you can be certain that government officials would have addressed the public and the communities affected many times over by now.”

On Friday, AHF officials testified before the Los Angeles City Council to ask that Film L.A. , the quasi-government agency overseeing film permitting, immediately stop issuing film permits to the adult entertainment industry and temporarily suspend all porn production until the latest HIV outbreak situation has been resolved. Representatives from AHF will also attend the Los Angeles City County Board of Supervisors meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, October 19h at 9:30 AM to request a stepped up public response from County and Public Health officials as well as temporary suspension of film permits for productions taking place in unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County.

Since the news regarding a performer testing positive for HIV broke on Tuesday, a voluntary industry quarantine has been in effect and at least five adult film companies have voluntarily stopped production, including some of the larger companies such as Vivid Entertainment and Hustler Video.

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