Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, Reauthorization Act of 2005 and 2008

We have the regulations in place to take a hard look at the issue of Human Trafficking in America and to do something about it. These Acts have been approved over and over and over again. The problem we have in our country is the government isn’t funding them. No one has funded these programs to help the victims of Human Trafficking in America though they’ve been in existence for 10 years now.

The states are required by these Acts to set up local programs to address Human Trafficking in their states but we all know what is really happening. The states aren’t funding them either. Of course, they say the economy is bad. There’s just not enough money to go around so we all have to make sacrifices. The State of Florida has a program just waiting for money to go into it. There’s no money being put into these programs in Florida yet they just got $13 billion dollars from Washington to build a fast train going to nowhere. HMMMMMM . . .

Last week, President Obama came to Tampa for a Town Hall Meeting. He spoke about the proposed “fast train” Florida has wanted for many years now. President Obama has promised $13 billion dollars over the next 5 years to build and run this train we all know is a convenience. HOW CAN WE SPEND $13 BILLION DOLLARS ON A TRAIN WHEN WE HAVEN’T FUNDED THESE PROGRAMS TO FIGHT HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND TAKE CARE OF THE VICTIMS WHO NEED OUR HELP TO REGAIN THEIR LIVES AND THEIR FREEDOMS??

It’s an atrocity, I’m telling ya. I’m disgusted beyond belief about the approval of this ridiculous train. Our country and our leaders think a train is more important than people’s lives right here in America. Check out and read about this epidemic problem we’re facing. Watch the videos at FoXX Media Group to see for yourself how this is affecting our human rights and freedoms in our country. Contact President Obama and tell him you want this money going to people who really need it. Contact your State Legislators, your Congressmen and your Senators and tell them you want these people to be saved and taken care of. Human Trafficking in going on in YOUR neighborhoods and every state has thousands of victims.

Check out the sites below to read for yourself what America is supposed to be doing. These Acts have been here since 2000 but no one is doing anything more then to keep reauthorizing them. As a victim of Human Sex Trafficking, I can tell you there’s thousands of women and children who need help NOW. They need it badly. They can’t wait anymore. We need shelters to take them in. We need health and rehabilitative services to fix them. We need job training programs to give them the skills to take care of themselves so they can succeed in life. We need a national campaign to bring awareness to these issues. We need an educational campaign to teach our children of the risks they are facing. They have no idea what can happen to them out there. We need law enforcement task forces to go after the sexual predators who are selling our people. We have the laws to fight this battle but no one is funding the war for Human Rights in our own country!!

NO ONE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT IT BUT IT’S HAPPENING EVERY DAY IN OUR COUNTRY. DOES IT HAVE TO HAPPEN TO YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER BEFORE YOU’LL NOTICE AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?? America wants to say they are the leaders in addressing this issue but the truth of the matter is, WE ARE NUMBER 3 FOR HAVING THE BIGGEST HUMAN TRAFFICKING PROBLEM IN THE WORLD. Does this sound like America is a leader?? NO, it sounds more like the leaders HERE. Many of these men have participated, facilitated and thus condoned Human Sex Trafficking through their patronage of prostitution and pornography which is against everything this ACT stands for!!


Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000

Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2005

Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008

2009 Florida Statutes on Human Trafficking


 Email President Obama HERE

Email Your Senators HERE

Email Your Congressmen HERE

Email Your State Legislators HERE

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