My Speech – Pornography: Fantasy versus Reality

I gave my speech and everything went very well. I was nervous but went forward without paying attention to it. Everyone was very receptive and said I gave them valuable information that helped them put another piece in the puzzle of sexual slavery. I thought I’d share it here for all of you to read. This is what I’m meant to do with my future. I was truly blessed with this opportunity to educate others about the porn industry. It’s opening new doors for me that will help me help young women in this world. It’s truly an answer to my prayers 

“Good Afternoon. This is my first time speaking out in a public arena such as this about the connection between porn and human sex trafficking in our country. I have to admit I’m a little nervous about it but I’m also very grateful for the opportunity to share my story with you all. I worked inside the porn industry for a year and a half not too long ago. I’ve been out for about 6 months and I’m still trying to rebuild my life despite the stigma that follows me everywhere. It’s not the glamorous and fun lifestyle they want the world to think that it is. I’m here today to tell what I learned while I was working there. The general perception is that everyone that works there is doing so because it’s what they really want to be doing. I’m here to tell you the truth about that opinion. I’m here to tell you, the young women who work there are victims of human sex trafficking.

The industry is actually full of illegal activities and criminals. The producers of porn will even tell you they break our laws every day. They brag in mainstream media and Hollywood promotions about how they get away with it and how no one is going to stop them from continuing business this way. They say because its’ porn they don’t have to follow our laws. They are exploiting our system to perpetrate their crimes against humanity. It’s happening in every major city in America. There are thousands of young girls and women who go to LA, Miami and New York every year. There are women from all over the world going to these international hubs in our country where human sex trafficking is flourishing right now as we all meet here.

Young women go to these cities wanting to be actors, models, musicians and artists. They are recruited everyday over the internet and given the hope that they can truly reach stardom. The first time I met XXXX and told him my story, he said “they’re running the same game the average street pimp plays. The only real difference is the stakes are much higher in the porn industry.” They are making billions of dollars from selling sex in our country. The selling of women and children for sex in America is only 3rd behind weapons and drugs for illegal sales in our country. When you start to put together the staggering statistics, you’ll realize real fast that this isn’t just a problem in another part of the world. We’re facing an epidemic that’s growing right here in America. And Hollywood is promoting it to your families as just another form of entertainment.

Did you know that over 75% of THE ENTIRE WORLD’S pornography is produced right HERE in OUR country??  That’s right, America is responsible for the booming porn industry and the 4 million hardcore porn sites on our internet. This is a multibillion dollar a year problem that our country’s created and cultivated. It’s happening in every major city in our nation. It’s happening in suburbia, in your neighborhoods across America. In order to keep producing fresh content for the millions of consumers who are buying porn every day, they need fresh faces to update those 4 million hardcore websites on a weekly basis. The only way they can get that many young women to come to Porn Valley, is to reach into your homes and touch your families through their online recruiting and Hollywood promotions.


Women that work in the sex industries are supposed to be the legal age of 18 to work there. I met hundreds of young women that came and went during the time that I worked there. I have no idea if they were truly of legal age when they first got there. In Los Angeles, it’s as easy as $200 to buy a fake ID. In fact, in California, they mail your state ID and drivers license to you. It’s as easy as getting the mail out of the mailbox, to take the ID of one girl and give it to another to make her legal.


The industry encourages adolescent behavior so they train the girls to act like they’re 12 or 13 years of age. The younger a girl looks and acts on film and for their promotions, the more money she will bring in to the producers and her agent. The producers are pushing pedophilia with their videos. It’s what the majority of industry people prefer in their personal lives though most producers and paying consumers are all over the age of 40. Their recruiting gives them an endless supply of young girls for their personal use. At the same time, they’re making billions of dollars selling these virtual sex slaves to the world.


The porn industry has addicted millions of men and boys to sex and porn in our country. Did you know the average age to view porn for the first time is 11 years old?? Did you know the largest group of viewers of all that free porn on the internet is between the ages of 11 and 17?? There’s millions of free porn images and videos easily assessable by children on the internet today. Viewing porn online for most of these kids is the first sexual experience in these young and impressionable children’s lives. Your sons and daughters sexuality is being formed right now by these sexual predators and human sex traffickers of America. Your children are growing up thinking porn sex is how sex is really supposed to be.


I want you to put yourself back to that time in your life when you were a teenager and remember how hard it sometimes was to make the right choices. You thought you knew it all but you didn’t really know anything about life. Your outside influences ruled your thought process so you felt like you were invincible.  Now think of all the negative influences kids have around them these days. Think how hard it must be for our children to make responsible decisions with the barrage of misinformation they are exposed to. This is why these girls are so easily recruited to the sex industries. It’s why right here in America, they can so easily end up as a victim of sex trafficking. They are making decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. Yet, they have no idea what dangers are out there because our internet, media and television sources are telling them it’s a lot of fun and easy money to be a part of the entertainment industries.

Your children have multiple networking tools where these sexual predators disguised as entertainment agencies can reach out and touch them. Have you looked at your teenager’s facebook and myspace accounts lately to see what personal information they are sharing with the rest of the world out there?? Myspace is the number one recruiting tool of the sex industries. It’s like having a catalog of young women and children to peruse through. Chose a girl and recruit her into sexual slavery. It’s as easy as becoming her friend on the internet. Young people are talking online about their lives and their problems. There are sexual predators out there who take all this information and then they will use it to target your children.


They have many different methods they can use to recruit young women into the sex industries. If they know a girl is having problems at home or with her boyfriend or she’s living in a low income situation, it makes it even easier for them to recruit her. All they need to find out is what’s she’s really lacking in life. They will promise her a lot of money and fun to come work for them. They will offer a great time in one of the big cities. They will offer the girls a place to stay in some Hollywood mansion. They will tell her she can model for major magazines and national agencies. They will tell her they can get her into acting on major cable and television networks. These recruiters will use well known names and reality shows to bring in the girls that are all looking for stardom.

If stardom isn’t what the girl is looking for, they will send in some handsome young guy to romance her. Agents and producers pay male performers from the industry to date these young girls and convince her they are falling in love with her. These men will pretend they can’t live without her when in reality he’s thinking about all the money she will make him. Producers and agents pay these recruiters a recruitment fee plus a percentage of any work she does once they’ve got her into the industry. They will spend a lot of money to recruit the right kind of girls and then they will use fraudulent and illegal methods to keep them from leaving.  


The male performers go to colleges and high school campuses. They attend sporting events and campus parties to recruit girls to the sex industries. As soon as he can get her away from her family and friends, he starts pushing her to go to work to pay him back for bringing her there. He’ll threaten to dump her and leave her all alone in a strange city if she doesn’t. These are girls who have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into. I met girls from all wakes of life, all economic classes and from all types of family situations when I worked there. One thing I found most common was most of these young girls had only had a few sexual experiences before they got there.


Once they get the girl to the city she’s been recruited to, they have already started a tab, a debt roll, which she has to pay off before she can leave or so they tell her. Everything they’ve spent to get her there, they put on this tab that she’s unaware of. The day she gets there, she begins paying $250 a week for rent to share a bedroom in a model house owned by her agent, a producer or another worker of the industry. She has to be tested so that’s something else she’s charged for. They take her shopping to buy a specific wardrobe they say she has to have to perform her new job. By the time she’s ready to actually go to work for them, she’s easily a couple of thousand dollars or more in debt. She has no idea she’s been paying for all these things until she goes to collect her first pay. The pay for her work is paid directly to the agent. The girl will only get what’s left over after the agents and recruiters take their fees and expenses. The girls actually pay out over 50% of their rates just to work and live in this industry. Once the girl has brought in some money for them all, they take her work away so she’ll build up another debt roll that she has to pay them.


In order to be under one of the agencies which the production companies will say you must do to work for them, you have to sign an exclusive contract. The girl has to sign a legally unenforceable and biased contract that the agents and producers will then threaten her with whenever she bulks at an activity or tries to leave. She becomes a virtual sex slave of the industry. They tell her she has to do whatever work they schedule or she will pay. If she refuses to do something they want her to, they will charge her a kill fee of hundreds of dollars and add it to her tab. Once they have the debt roll built back up to a hefty level, they offer her the option of doing privates to pay down her debt since remember, they’re not giving her work anymore. They will pressure her with these debts to get her to escort. But they call it doing privates because it starts with producers and other industry people as the clients or johns for these first escorting appointments.

Once the girls are doing privates with industry people regularly, the next step is to send them out to the general public to prostitute. There is a well established and documented system they use to turn these girls out. As XXXX said, it’s the same type of programming a street pimp does to his girls. After the girl is turning tricks regularly, she’s added to the strip club circuit to work different cities across the country. As the recognition of a pornstar’s name and reputation grows, the higher the hourly rate she can bring in for her pimps. At this point, they start sending her around the world to meet her johns. A girl can easily bring in $10,000 or more to spend some time with just one client who will pay big bucks to bring her to him. By advertising a pornstar’s feature dancing in major cities, it allows for these girls to travel the world under the guise of legitimate work. In reality, she’s going from town to town escorting with wealthy clients who’ve scheduled to see her according to her dance schedule which is highly advertised.

If they feel a girl will make a lot of money for them and she decides she doesn’t want to do certain things or be a part of their inner circle, they will put her into dangerous situations when she works. They will schedule her work where she’ll be degraded and abused to break her down. The BDSM/fetish market is set up for that very purpose. There are violent male performers who will rough girls up if they’re asked to. If a girl gives the industry problems with their plans for her, they’ll just hogtie her and beat her up. She may go to a shoot thinking it’s just a fake scene and within a matter of minutes, she’s being brutally raped and beaten. All while the camera is rolling, people are watching and no one does anything to stop it so she suffers through it.

Once a girl goes into porn, especially if someone influential wants her, she has a very small chance of getting out without major help. These industries do their best to break her down and take her soul so she can’t leave them unless they decide that they are through with her. At that point, they do whatever they can to destroy her. They try to push her to commit suicide so she can’t speak out against them. They want people to think she’s just some crazy porn girl. They take her down so no one will believe her if she tries to speak out about what they’ve actually done to her.


They work hard to keep their assets from leaving through isolation, intimidation and fear. They use all the typical methods of mind control that cult leaders use. Young women and children are their assets that can be resold over and over and over again. Remember, selling women and children for sex is only 3rd behind selling illegal weapons and drugs in our country. The sex industries are growing bigger and more powerful every year. Whether it be stripping, escorting or performing in porn, once a girl ends up in one of the sex industries, they will make it very hard is not impossible for her to leave and survive.

 If you do leave and speak out against them as I’m doing here today, they will harass, threaten and stalk you to take away your very hope for survival. I have been receiving death threats for over a year now. They regularly release my personal information in public forums, spreading horrible lies online to degrade and slander me. They do whatever they can to hurt my chances of getting a real job and keeping one. They know I can’t afford an attorney to put a stop to their destruction of my life and they know that police agencies can’t do much to help me. I cannot imagine how the young women and teenagers leave and survive. They will try to take any hope you have of living a normal life again. You see, if a woman succeeds in leaving the porn industry and speaks out against them, she educates others so people will understand what’s really happening right here in our own country. Very few women make it out of the porn industry and if they do they normally go into hiding. Girls either become industry sex slaves or if not, they’re much more likely to die then to get out and go on with their lives!!


Women and children are being bought and sold in America every day through our porn industry. That’s a hard fact to swallow but it’s true. Take a moment to look around at the women in your lives, those women who you love, who you want to protect and keep close to you. There are sexual predators out there capitalizing on our young women and children’s innocence. These women and children deserve safety and respect in their lives. We, as a nation, need to realize, that for each and every young woman or child we allow to be degraded, abused and sold in our sex industries, there’s not a single human being in our world who is safe from becoming a victim of human sex trafficking. As our kids continue to be exposed to free porn on the internet and see women being used as sexual objects to degrade and abuse, Porn Valley is simply training the next generation of sexual predators. And if the men in our country weren’t buying human beings to use as their personal sex slaves and getting away with it, there’d be no women and children to be bought and sold as reusable assets in our country. As a nation, we have to stand up and say enough is enough to these crimes.


Please take the time to contact your politicians and tell them you want women and children to be safe in our country. Tell them to start enforcing the laws against the porn industry. Support organizations like these here today in helping women and children to regain their freedom and their lives from the hands of these criminals. We need work training programs so they can find gainful employment. We need counseling for drug dependence and psychological abuse. We need health services because most girls will have multiple STDs to deal with. We need someplace for them to go so they can leave. They are truly victims of human sex trafficking and we need our nation to open their hearts and their minds. We need help to move them back into the real world so they can go on with healthy and productive lives. And most of all remember, it could be your home they reach into just as easily as they reached into mine.

Thank you for taking the time this afternoon to learn more about human sex trafficking in our country!! Women and children everywhere really do appreciate your interest and support!!”



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