The Geek Squad – A Little Humor for a Change

Okay, I figured we both could use a good laugh so I decided to share some pix of our prestigious power players of Porn Valley. I’m telling ya, they were the guys and girls working the AV equipment in the Media Center or the computer gurus in the computer lab all the time lol!!

An_American_Tail-_Fievel_Goes_West-imagestevehirsch21Let’s start with Steve Hirsch, CEO for Vivid Entertainment. He shares his office building with LA Direct which should tell you alot right there. Obviously, he’s the one in the middle of this photo off of How tall is he anyway?? Maybe next photo op, they should get him a stepladder lol. You can see more of Steve telling America how great porn is and it ain’t going nowhere on CNBC’s “Business of Pleasure“.


This is what Gia Jordan, AVN photog and porn journalist (though not really powerful, she’s here because she bashes fellow women), looks like after a hard day of reporting. Now we know where Amy Winehouse is and why she can’t stay clean, she’s really in Porn Valley lol

This is before and after photos (the first photo is really Gia but give her 5 years or so in Porn Valley, she’ll get there)!!






This is Jeff Mullen, the big guy behind all those parodies of our family value shows from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Did they wake you up for the awards Jeff??











Here’s Robby D of Digital Playground (left photo) . He had them blur his face in the CNBC show “Business of Pleasure” because he said he’s raising a family. Looks like the Ultimate Nerd, Brian Posehn, from Hollywood doesn’t he (center photo). Looks like he shaved his head to try to look more cool. Too bad it didn’t work lol. Hey Robby, why won’t you show your face? You have no problem putting those girls faces and the rest of their shit out there for the world to see. They have families to raise too!  If there’s nothing wrong with doing porn, why did you hide your face??


Joy King, CEO of Wicked. You can bet she sat home most Fridays and Saturdays in her youth!


This is Vince Voyeur. I heard his biz was going down. I thought “GOOD”!!


This is Jules Jordan. The young and naive Jenna Haze cums home to this everyday. Being it appears Jules is a big KINK fan, she’s been beat, raped and tortured for his sick, sadistic gratification. YIKES!!

And Last but not Least by any means:


Max Hardcore. I think the outfit speaks for itselves.  Max is not far from me these days. My good ole southern state of Florida put him behind bars where he belongs. I guess now he’s seeing what those girls felt like!!! Bend over and take it like a Pornstar, Max hahaha!!!



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