Once Again, I Must Stop Writing To Succeed in Life

I got up today and again, I come to the same conclusion I came to a few weeks ago. I have to look at my situation in a whole new light from this day forward. Because of the filthy postings on the forum in my town, it is not safe for me to interview for work here any longer. I now have to face the realization that I can be set up and harm may come to me if I continue here. I can no longer put myself in harms way for the sake of this cause. It’s gotten to a point that I have to seek refuge elsewhere so I have to move again, this time anonymously. I’m going to have to change my name to get away from them. It’s somewhat like going into the witness protection program to get away from this whole mess.

My blog here will continue to stand for at least another year. I’ve seen to it that the bills will be paid to keep it up for the world to see what porn is doing to our country. I’m leaving it up to show what these men of Porn Valley will do to someone who wants to leave their industry. To show what lengths they will go to when someone speaks the truth about their evil ways. I know you all understand now that it’s the truth they are trying to destroy here. You can see how much damage I’m doing to their industry by the lengths they will go to in order to take me down. Well, I’ve always said if they put my name in print with something negative, I’d counterattack with the truth to take them down as well. They may have hurt my prospects here but in return I’ve shown the world their activities against our world’s daughters!!

I may be back one day, who knows. For now, I must protect myself and get somewhere they can’t find me. I can’t even afford to keep my birth given name any longer. They can track me through many methods that way. Don’t believe for a second there’s not influential people who are helping their quest to destroy me. By going underground, they can’t find me but I will be there in the shadows making sure their evil reign upon our world comes to an end.

Pray for me that I will be successful where ever I land next. I love Florida and my family dearly so I won’t subject them to anymore of this offensive behavior. Just know as I stop writing, your state, your town and your home is not safe from the depraved men of Porn Valley. They are migrating out of Porn Valley everyday as we fight against them. Here’s some of the cities they are already in:

Miami, FL
Tampa, FL
Sarasota, FL
Houston, TX
Chicago, IL
New York City, NY
New Jersey, NJ
Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
Phoenix, AZ
Las Vegas, NV
San Francisco,CA
San Diego, CA
Los Angeles, CA

That’s just the cities I know specifically there’s been active shooting going on for some time now. As they migrate out to avoid getting busted in Porn Valley, it could be your neighborhood next. I’ve told you all that I know and I leave the rest of the story to others to tell. I’ve posted the links throughout this blog so that you can continue to see the truth. There’s more truth coming out everyday as they are exposed. I feel great satisfaction in that as I go on my way!!

This is the last entry I will make here at PornInTheValley.com. May God bless this country and take us all back to a better day. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be safe. I’m in good hands now so no more worries for Desi or Diana. Who knows who I’ll be from this day forward but know that I’ll be sucessful again. I’m too much of a fighter to do anything else

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