A New Case of Cyberbullying Against Me – This Time in My Town

CYBERSTALKING-CYBERSTALKER-ONLINE-VICTIMIZATION-PREVENTION-IPREDATORYou all know I can’t afford an attorney to go after these evil men who are intent on trying to ruin my life. You also know that I am good at making lemonaid out of lemons and this is just one more case where I have to do just that. Since I cannot afford to hire an attorney, I take my case before the public here in my blog and through the internet to let the world decide.

Today, I was doing some work on the internet while I waited for a new refrigerator to be delivered. My old one was not keeping a low enough temperature for my food and I kept having things spoil. I called the landlord, he used a temperature gauge to test it and found it was running at 57 degrees. No wonder my milk wasn’t holding up. He got right on it so today, I have a new frig. Due to the fact I’m not working yet, I really can’t afford to waste a dime on spoiled food. Luckily, I didn’t have much in there so maybe lost $20 or so of my food for the month. Could’ve been much worse.

While on the computer, I came across a link to a national website with local influence for employers and businesses to advertise and share information. Much to my dismay, I found some very damaging comments about me which have been there since August. They just updated them September 4th to make sure people see them. They say all kinds of lies about me. Here the link so you can read them for yourselves HERE. It’s one more example of what they do to you when you try to get away from them. This is, of course, illegal to do in so many different ways. They know I have no money to hire an attorney. I can barely pay my bills right now. I do have a prominent attorney from Beverly Hills who I’ve talked to a couple of times. He’s more than willing to take my case but needs that $5,000 retainer to get the ball rolling. Of course, that just begins the process. It would cost thousands more to get to the end of this case which we all know I would win. So they want to fight it out on the internet. That’s just fine with me for now. I speak only the truth when I post something on the internet. Truth will prevail in the end!!

They have also sent me comments and emails saying there’s something on my criminal background. I’ve never committed a crime that I know of so not sure if it’s true or not. They know people in influential places so who knows what they are capable of. There could also be something related to my credit problems which I’ve always been honest with you all about. I do know in the State of Florida if you bounce a check, they can take criminal action against you. I have also had my cars repossessed which could have something to do with this. I don’t know what it is and will only find out once someone pulls my criminal background for a job. That is, if they are nice enough to let me know if there’s derogatory results.

I have never stolen from anyone in my life and my credit problems were a result of my divorce from my second husband. You all know my story well. He went against our divorce settlement and locked me out of my home and my office so I was literally on the street. He piled my things in a huge pile of a mess in the middle of his garage and that’s where the movers and I had to pack them into boxes and put them into storage. That’s where my whole story here began. I know he’s told people bad things about me just to make himself look good. You all know the truth now about his sexual and porn addiction and how I was fighting against him in so many ways. He wanted to discredit me before I told people the truth about him. You know, I never spoke a word to anyone about what happened between us for a long, long time. I wasn’t out to destroy him. I just wanted away from his sick and heartless ways.

I was upset at this latest attack as anyone would normally be. But then as I sat trying not to cry while I waited for the guys to deliver my frig, I worked hard to focus and keep my path at the front of my thoughts. They had just called to say they’d be here within 30 minutes when I found this awful news. As I sat and talked on the phone to a friend of mine who always brings me support, I started to settle down and gather my thoughts. It just goes to show what good friends and God can do for you. I decided to make lemonaid out of lemons once again. I went on and found a way to post my own comments without having to pay the membership fees which we all know I don’t have. I can only continue to tell the truth and share my story. The website allowed me to point these poeple to ThePinkCross.org and here at PornInTheValley.com. They will have to read my story and draw their own conclusions. I can only hope that some will see what these evil men are up to once again. I can only hope they will give me a chance to prove to them I just want to rebuild me life again.

On one last note which is quite positive after all of this drama. I got a call today and have an interview tomorrow morning. It’s only part time but is helping someone who needs an extra hand. I’m real excited about the possibility. She’s a real nice woman and I just feel that she may be the one to give me that chance. I always did like lemonaid and I guess it’s a good thing since during the last year and a half, I’ve been making it by the gallons  This court of public opinion is obviously going to be in session for a long time to come. You know, as far as true legal action against these bullies goes, I just keep building the evidence as they continue to try to ruin my life. There’s a statute of limitations on every criminal and civil action against someone. The timer doesn’t start ticking until the last criminal or civil action ceases. One day I’ll have the money or an attorney willing to take my case pro bono. Until that time, all I can do is keep presenting my case here so that the world can decide for themselves!!

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