Warning – This Is EXTREMELY Disturbing. A Photo of Me Being Beheaded Posted on XPT

UPDATE 12/31/2011: I have spoken to law enforcement about this photo. Here is what these actions represent:

1. By cutting my head off at the mouth instead of the neck as you would normally behead someone, this represents Porn Valley’s wish to shut my mouth forever so I can’t spread the truth of their destruction.

2. Cutting off my right arm represents their desire to stop my writing, again to shut me up permanently!

3. They whited out my eyes so they definitely want me dead.

4. Mutilation to my breasts is proof of the deep sexual depravity of the cyberstalkers that have hunted and haunted me for almost 4 years now. Serial killers and rapists are well known for their mutilation of their victims bodies. This is the type of criminal we are dealing with in Porn Valley!

Someone called me about this posted on XPT HERE. These are the people of Porn Valley that want you to believe they are nice, law abiding citizens of this country. JM Productions owns this site. Remember, the company I’ve shot like 4 videos for. They’ve all been doing this for a year and a half now with escalating violence and hatred yet they don’t ban these people or remove these comments. The moderators are porn producers. This site shows EXACTLY the hatred they have against WOMEN!!


This poster is electrostatic and has been a member since August of 2008 with over 3299 posts. I believe this proves my point even more. This is EXTREMELY disturbing and frightening that there are still women there with these men!! SOMEONE HAS TO STEP IN AND STOP THESE MEN!!!!!

Email President Obama HERE

Email Governor Schwarzenegger HERE

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