WARNING – More Extremely Disturbing Information from XPT

Cyber_stalker_page-bg_17661They have created a profile with my deceased father’s real name, no doubt getting it from the obituary I’m listed in when my real name is googled. They are sending me private messages from him. The profile says he’s located in hell and is demon spawn. I’ve print copied everything and sent to people so they have copies if anything happens to me tonight. This all goes out in case something happens. I can’t post them here because I don’t want my fathers name out there anymore then they are already doing.

This is very, VERY sick and frightening. They are breaking so many laws yet this site is allowing ALL OF THIS TO HAPPEN. What’s it going to take for someone out there to step in and HELP ME!!!!

I have sent all this information to the President, the Governor of California, Oprah, Howard Stern, Tyra and anyone else I can. They have gone too far with this hatred. Please printscreen the forum pages so there are copies. I  emailed a moderator on the site and they laughed it all off. Typical, they don’t think they have to follow the law. This is some serious shit!!

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