John Stagliano, Evil Angel Indicted On Federal Obscenity Charges

I’ll post what I can find on this story to show you how the government is trying to shut these guys down. Florida successfully did it with Max Hardcore. Here, the Federal Grand Jury started this case back in April 2008 when they filed charges related to the distribution of obscene material through the mail and the Internet. The indictment hinges on two movies – Jay Sin’s Milk Nymphos and Joey Silvera’s Storm Squirters 2 – and an online trailer for Belladonna’s Fetish Fanatic 5

My gosh, it’s Fred Flintstone. We have a regular Bedrock here 

Follow this Case and decide what you want in this country. If we don’t start telling them we don’t want Porn Valley sending all their “FRESH CONTENT” into our homes, precedance will be set that we will have to live with forever. Our youths futures are at stake here:

And an interview he did with Reason.TV

My take on all this. The internet is SO MUCH MORE crucial to the obscenity law than anywhere else in our country. It reaches into our homes and touches our children. Unless they can find a way to stop that, this should be a no brainer!! Protect our Children First should be the top priority of our country.

I mean, take a look at the new parodies they have planned. They have now reached into the high schools and are doing porn scenes related to children’s shows. Yes that’s right. These shows are about kids under the age of 18, in high school and geared toward kids under the age of 18 in mainstream. These are being made to market to the young people that grew up with these shows and are now in their teens and twenties.

Saved By The Bell
The 70s Show
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Happy Days

Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder aka Barney Rubble, the man behind the Parodies of our Youth

What next, take it to the next level and start making parodies of the preteen shows?? Read Monica Foster’s remarks HERE on the parody themes that are being basically stolen from mainstream shows. Send an email to let those in power and with influence know how you feel. It’s fast, free and easy. Let your voices be heard!!

Email President Obama HERE

Email Governor Schwarzenegger HERE

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