16 Performers Come Off of Quarantine TODAY!!

Yes, it’s true. Today is the magical date that the 16 quarantined porn performers can go back to work as if nothing had happened to them. The CDC says there is a 5% false negative rate for the tests these performers have received to date. The CDC says it takes 6 months to drop that 5% false negative rate down to 1%. Do you really want to work with those odds?? People play the lottery everyday with less odds than that hoping to win big and get rich. Does the entire industry really want to play that game of russian roulette and take those odds to make a few thousand dollars??

I think as you have watched all this play out with the HIV outbreak in porn, you can see our safety was not taken into consideration when hiring us to work in Porn Valley. You can see Ms. Sharon Mitchell has very close ties to the industry. You have to ask yourself how a woman who got busted for prostitution just a few years ago could end up owning AIM Testing Centers and the laboratory that processed those tests. You have to ask yourself who really owns these companies. Sharon obviously has close ties to the porn industry in other ways besides these testing centers and laboratories.

Sharon Mitchell is the girlfriend of Nina Hartley, who I’ve often called the queen of porn. Nina’s husband is the chairman of the board for AIM. This is just one example of how the elders of porn control what goes on in Porn Valley. They all control the testing process through their insistence that all performers test through the AIM system in order to work in Porn Valley. I’ve decided to list some of the issues that need to be dealt with before anymore new girls should be brought into Porn Valley. It’s what should be done before these exposed performers can work again. It’s really what should be done before anymore shooting is done in Porn Valley. I’ve said this many times. It ain’t brain surgery going on in Porn Valley. It’s just common sense to protect the workers in this industry.

  • Stop production now and test every single worker in Porn Valley so we can start with a clean slate going forward.
  • Effective immediately, there should be mandatory testing for all workers in porn, not just performers! This testing should be allowed at any accredited medical testing center and laboratory. The only way to assure compliance of proper reporting is to spread the testing to different facilities so no one person can decide who knows what when as the current situation with Sharon Mitchell being the Pope of Porn Testing and Reporting has proven how easy coverup and deception can occur.
  • Testing should include HIV, Hep C, Syphilis, Gonnereah, Chlamydia and HPV on a monthly basis with weekly testing when there is an outbreak of any of these to knock it out quickly.
  • Positive results of HIV, Hep C and Syphilis should result in a 6 month quarantine for all performers involved plus all other exposed performers regardless of level of exposure (2nd and 3rd generation is not enough). All industry workers should be notified immediately through approved media venues and by email of all outbreaks and given the number of people in quarantine. AIM had all our emails, they notify us of test results this way. They could’ve let us know there was an outbreak immediately through email blasting. All industry workers should also receive weekly updates on the progress of containment.
  • Condoms should be mandatory for all scenes involving oral sex and all vaginal and anal intercourse. This cannot be voluntary because production companies will “blacklist” those performers who chose condoms! The industry has the software to remove the condom digitally, they can use that if so desired for their finished product.
  • There should be an educational seminar or class that is mandatory to attend before getting into porn outlining the risks, going over what is acceptable at a set and what is not and what agents responsibilities are to their performers. A license should then be issued for the performer just as any other occupational license is given after this course has been taken. That would allow for better tracking of those performing in Porn Valley and they can use this for ID in their shoots. A photo should be included on this ID and all IDs and test results should be shown to each performer before any work begins on the set.
  • All performers should be 21 years of age or older. I find it disgusting that due to the current age of 18 for consent to work in porn, these kids cannot drink alcohol but they can chose to work in porn which alters their life options forever!
  • No females should be allowed to shoot while on their periods. This is a very hazardous common practice in the industry exposing everyone that works with these girls to a very high risk of contracting HIV, Hep C and/or Syphilis if these girls are diseased..
  • All new performers, when entering the Biz and then on an annual basis, should have a background check done and no one with felony convictions of assault, theft, rape or any other sexually related charges should be able to work in the industry. That includes charges of illegal prostitution! If a performer is caught escorting illegally, they are out of porn!
  • Agents cannot be talents. This is the biggest form of abuse an agent can exercise against their performers. A few months ago, I saw a photo in AVN Magazine of Derek Heys and Lisa Ann doing a young girl in a scene. The girl was on her back while Derek fucked her and Lisa Ann sat on her face. This is not acceptable for agents to be doing with the performers contracted through their agencies!
  • Agents cannot charge performers kill fees unless a performer simply doesn’t show up to a shoot scheduled for them. This charge essentially forces a performer to do a scene even if not comfortable with the type of scene, the company shooting it or the performers they have to work with. If you turn down a scene at LA Direct, they will charge you a $300 kill fee (Elli was charged twice) even if the scene is not theoretically scheduled yet. Their rule is “if I can schedule a scene for you, you must do the scene or pay this fee”. That is a form of white slavery and must be stopped!
  • All production companies should have a mandatory annual meeting with all employees to discuss sexual discrimination and harassment. This meeting should be mandatory and given by a third party to assure attendance and compliance with the material presented. This course should also be part of the mandatory class for new performers. This is no different than continuing educational requirements for any other industry where there are risks involved in your work!
  • A hotline for abuse issues should be set up so that whisleblowers can safely and anonymously report such abuses. All reports should be investigated by a third party company and a formal report made on each incident. Performers currently have no means to report abuse or to seek damages for such abuses. A system for discipline progressing from warnings, fines and then loss of license to do business for all confirmed cases of abuse should be set up and adhered to no matter who the offender is.
  • A commission should be set up to include members from each area of the industry and from the general public to meet weekly to go over industry issues, disease outbreaks and containment, deal with abuse reports and handing down penalties for abuse. The alternative to this commission is to bring in a union for the performers. TAKE YOUR PICK!
  • A program for all industry workers that need rehabilitation, education, legal advise and contract negotiations or to leave the industry should be set up and funded by the agencies and production companies who bring them in and shoot them, their contributions to be determined by their profits. All fines for abuses would also go into this fund to help the victims of abuse in porn. The agencies who bring these workers into the industry and the production companies who shoot them should have a responsibility to these workers to be sure they are physically and mentally healthy, getting fair and eqitable contracts and they should be responsible for helping performers move back into the real world when they no longer want to use these workers.

I think that’s a good start and would clean the industry up in a huge way. The main point here is these young people who get pulled into Porn Valley should be educated as to what they’re getting into and what the ramifications are to doing porn. Knowledge is power!! For now, you all know who has the knowledge thus who has the power. Porn is an extreme industry. No one discounts that fact. It’s why there’s so much that needs to be done to be sure these performers are not victims but instead willing performers who made an educated decision to make this their career!


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