Three Talent Agencies Contacted in Cal-OSHA, State Dept. of Health Investigation – WAS THERE A COVER UP HERE??

There’s more to the story about Cal-OSHA investigating a complaint regarding a female performer who contracted an STD. It seems that the LA County health Dept. is involved in this case as well. There was a question originally as to whether they were or not.

Attorney Mike Fattorosi, confirms that it’s a combined effort of Cal-OSHA and the County of Los Angeles Public Health.

“I know that LA County Public Health visited the agents,” says Fattorosi.

“What I’m looking at is a letter to September Dawn at A-List from Peter Kerndt who is the director of the sexually transmitted disease program for LA County. He’s demanding information from three agents as to the identification of producers between the dates of September 18, 2008 and November 11, 2008.”

“Right now nobody really knows what’s going on,” continues Fattorosi.

“I’ve talked to AIM; I’ve talked to Jeff Douglas, AIM’s attorney, so right now it just seems as though they’re requesting information. And they’re quoted as saying there’s a ‘cluster’ of sexually transmitted infections that has occurred among workers in the adult entertainment industry.”

“But this is two month’s old. Why they’re investigating something from over two months ago and they’re taking this route is anyone’s guess. They don’t say anything in the actual letter why this investigation has been launched. They don’t say who; they don’t say what performers; they don’t say actual names. They just say there’s been an outbreak, and they need the names of producers the agencies booked talent through on those dates.”

“They seem to be on a fact-finding mission but I don’t know if they have the authority to do so,” Fattorosi relates.

“Not on an outbreak that’s over two months old and does not appear to be HIV-related.”

According to Fattorosi, this is he first time, as far as he knows, that agents have been contacted in such an instance.

“They have worked with AIM in the past on stuff like this,” he continues.

“This is the first time that I’m aware since I’ve been in the industry where they went directly to the agents.”

Why specifically three agents were contacted is an educated guess at this point.

“And it doesn’t say why in the letter,” Fattorosi adds.

Back story from January 16, 2009: There seemed to have been some confusion on whether it was Cal-OSHA or the California state health dept. that was questioning several porn talent agencies regarding a female performer who contracted an STD. It was Peter Riley, district manager and Deborah Gold, senior industrial hygienist from Cal-OSHA who acted on the complaint.

Earlier, posted on OSHA is currently interviewing employees at one of the larger talent agencies today. From what has been reported, After a complaint by a female talent who requested a condom on a shoot, was told it was non-condom and could walk, chose to shoot without a condom and contracted an STD, OSHA is now trying to figure out who’s to blame when porn talent comes down with STD’s. Since Agencies work for and are paid by their talent, talent cannot be considered employees. However, this is going to get interesting for the production companies who do cut checks to talent. More news as it comes in.

Pornlaw, Mike Fattorosi, writes, I was told that it was LA County Health Department and not Cal-OSHA. Though, Cal-OSHA might get involved at a later date.

So far I have been advised that 2 agencies have been asked for information on producers and have not yet provided any information to LA County Health and are currently investigating their options.

I am currently looking into what options the talent agents may have in this matter…

Pornlaw tells me that Cal-OSHA has dropped off letters to three agencies asking for information on production companies.

“All I know at this point is that, based on the complaint, Cal-OSHA’s trying to match it to who the production company was.”

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